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BreakthroughRelationships- Understanding yourself is a key element. Whether you are seeking a relationship, in a relationship, or married. Getting to know yourself first is essential. What are your strengths, and your values? What do you have to offer to a future partner or to your spouse? My focus always starts with and is based on “What’s STRONG with You?” Bringing your best to a relationship and focusing on what’s STRONG with your relationship will bring about an even stronger relationship. I use positive psychology exercises as well as my own techniques to help you see and grow the relationship you have always wanted. I do this through workshops, one on one coaching, group coaching, and seminars. Start your breakthrough today.

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The Story of You


We all have a story. Today as you read this blog I want you to think about your story. Where you are in your story. What the next page will reveal. Let’s go one step further; let’s imagine what your story would look like in a perfect world.

So we have determined that you have a story. We ALL do. Our stories pretty much all start out the same, kind of like the bible, “in the beginning”. That is where the similarities end. No two people experience the exact same things. Even two siblings who live in the same house with the same two parents experience things differently. This individuality that we are born with  causes us to need, feel, and interpret things in a way unique to us. That is what makes your story different from that of your siblings.

Why is it that some of us choose NOT to repeat or live in the negativity of our past? You may notice the word “choose” in that statement. It is just that we have not escaped life unscathed by situations and experiences but how we choose to deal with them is just that, ” a choice.”  We make choices based on the information we have at the time and based on our individual needs, feelings, and emotions. Think back to a positive experience you experienced in your life. You can choose to relive that experience and live the joy felt at that time, you can recreate or replicate what produced that positive experience and hope to gain more positive experiences similar to or better than the first. You may do the same with a negative situation. It is a choice; you are only stuck if you want to relive the past. – Katrina

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The 5 Pillars of Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is growth that is experienced after a traumatic event/s. It can show up in several ways such as:

1.) A greater appreciation for life and family. (Gratitude)

2.) A shared or common bond or a new mission or cause.(Purpose)

3.) A greater sense of connection to those who experience the same thing you or someone you love or care about experienced. (Relationships)

4.) New opportunities that would not have been present before like educating, teaching, and inspiring others. (Meaning)

5.) An increased sense of strength, or stronger religious connection. (Self-efficacy)

There are some common themes or pillars that support post Traumatic Grow : Gratitude, Purpose, Relationships, Meaning, and Self-efficacy

Could it be the we can teach and develop these pillars to engineer post traumatic growth? See me to bring this program into veterans near you. ~ Katrina Goff

“Marriage Fitness Training: What’s STRONG with Your Marriage”

MARRIAGE FITNESS TRAINING: What’s STRONG with Your Marriage? February Special half priced for the entire series.

This is a Marriage Workshop unlike anything you have ever experienced. “Marriage Fitness Training: What’s STRONG with Your Marriage(TM)?” It comes from a place of hope. Helping people develop and build healthier, happier marriages is one of my callings in life. I developed this series of workshops to train and maintain fit marriages.

If you want to focus on what is wrong with your marriage or your spouse this workshop is not for you. If you want to focus on yourself and what you have to bring to your marriage and how you can build an even STRONGER marriage this workshop definately IS for you.

In the first session of Marriage Fitness Training: What’s STRONG with Your Marriage (TM)?

You will:

Discover the “Power of You”

Map your Marriage Fitness Plan

Exercise the Character of your marriage

Become a strength spotter of your spouse

Wellbeing Hack for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is only days away. I bet you are already imagining the smells of your favorite foods, feeling the joy of seeing the faces of friends and family, maybe even envisioning the table set with mom’s China and best silverware. We can actually increase our ability to appreciate our holiday by anticipating Thanksgiving. This is a type of savoring called anticipatory savoring.

Another way to really get the most out of our Holiday is something that is more than likely something you do at each family holiday gathering, reminiscing. Telling stories of Thanksgivings past, and sharing experiences we remember with old and new family members is another type of savoring.

As much as we enjoy eating all our favorite foods we enjoy the time together more. Give yourself a break this season. Try savoring more than the food but the memories you are making and the ones you are recalling from the past. It isn’t the number of dishes on the table to choose from that makes the day special it is the time together that matters most.

Savor the thoughts of being together, the time you are together, and the memories from past Thanksgivings. ~ Katrina

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