What is Inside Your Head?

11948312_10155982966800075_679144253_n Many thoughts enter into our mind throughout the day. It is true we cannot control what “pops” into our head. This could be anything from pessimism, negative self-talk, anger, or lusts.  We could stop right there and give everyone an excuse to entertain or act on those thoughts;but, that would not line up with my beliefs or that of positive psychology. Although, we cannot control what “pops”into our head we certainly can control how long we entertain these thoughts or images. It is a choice that we can make to push out the negative and replace it with positive.

 We can learn to recognize negative thought patterns and the methods to disrupt reactive thought patterns. Meditation and/or prayer is another way to keep our thoughts away from destructive or negative thoughts. Some Christians may feel that the practice of mediation would compromise their faith. Christians could in fact learn much from this practice. Meditation teaches an others focused mindset, meditation is not rushed, it is a quiet peaceful time to reflect. All too often as Christians we use prayer time as a rushed, multitasking, how much can I ask God for in the next two minutes ritual. God intended our prayer life to include a quiet time to reflect on who he is and what he, his word has to say to us. God created us for relationships and he desires to have a relationship with us. It is quite possible that Christians can practice meditation and prayer without compromising their faith.

What we put into our minds is what we have to feed on. If we are filling our mind with negativity that is what we have that fuels us. A lot of people do not realize how confining negative emotions are. Negative emotions only produce  one or two reactions and those are not productive. Think back to a time you have been really angry. What did you do? Were you proud of those thoughts or actions after the fact? I didn’t think so. On the other hand, positive emotions inspire many thoughts and actions. Think of a really great day in your life. Did you want to share that happiness with everyone?  Similar to the McDonald’s commercial where everything is black and white except the man with the McDonald’s coffee. He is so happy that he looks for ways to add joy to the lives of everyone in his path. Positive emotions are contagious. 

 In essence, what we put in is what comes out.  There are many ways to feed positive emotions into your life. Invest in yourself! Build qualities, skills, or an education this will elevate your self-esteem and mood. Look for ways to invest in the lives of others. You have talents, skills, or life lessons that are uniquely yours, choose to share them. Give to others of your time and or talents  this allows you to focus on the needs of others  and that feels very good. Keep a gratitude journal. Dig deep you have so much to offer, believe in yourself. Feed the positive starve the negative. – Katrina


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