The Story of You


We all have a story. Today as you read this blog I want you to think about your story. Where you are in your story. What the next page will reveal. Let’s go one step further; let’s imagine what your story would look like in a perfect world.

So we have determined that you have a story. We ALL do. Our stories pretty much all start out the same, kind of like the bible, “in the beginning”. That is where the similarities end. No two people experience the exact same things. Even two siblings who live in the same house with the same two parents experience things differently. This individuality that we are born with  causes us to need, feel, and interpret things in a way unique to us. That is what makes your story different from that of your siblings.

Why is it that some of us choose NOT to repeat or live in the negativity of our past? You may notice the word “choose” in that statement. It is just that we have not escaped life unscathed by situations and experiences but how we choose to deal with them is just that, ” a choice.”  We make choices based on the information we have at the time and based on our individual needs, feelings, and emotions. Think back to a positive experience you experienced in your life. You can choose to relive that experience and live the joy felt at that time, you can recreate or replicate what produced that positive experience and hope to gain more positive experiences similar to or better than the first. You may do the same with a negative situation. It is a choice; you are only stuck if you want to relive the past. – Katrina


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