Love -to give and receive love 

Love is 2nd on my list of Character Strengths. The ability to love and be loved. One would think the two go together but that is not always the case. It is possible to love someone so much but be unable to accept love in return. Ultimately costing you the love you want so badly. Why would someone be unable to be loved? Low self-esteem, emotional abuse can cause someone to believe they are unlovable, or that they don’t deserve to be loved. This is emotionally draining for the person who truly does love them  

 but cannot seem prove it no matter what they do. Eventually, they feel so exhausted and defeat that they do leave

Words to live by

“If you are breathing you deserve to be loved” do not throw it away self-doubt. 

Be confident, be brave, and most importantly never stop giving and receiving love it is the greatest gift of all.


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