Strengths Spotter

What if you looked for the strengths of your co-workers, you students, your boss, your spouse, or your children? What if you became a strength spotter? It is very possible to be that person it just takes a bit of education in character strengths and a mindset of looking for the positive. How could your relationships change for the better with this view of life?

for strengths spotter

Positive psychology is not about “happiology” it is about the right to be human. It allows us the freedom to feel life as it is; very good, and sometimes equally sad, or painful. Positive psychology is based on what is right with us instead of what is wrong with us.The science that backs up this field of study gives practical ways to live our lives even more in tune with our strengths.

Where positive psychology and character strengths are almost one and the same is the the way we look at situations, obstacles, and even people. It is wonderful to identify, explore, and apply our own strengths.  Applying what we do best each day is more fulfilling, and leads to more productivity, life satisfaction, and even success. Sign me up for that! Let’s dig a little deeper into character strengths learning what we do best is wonderful but that is just scratching the surface. Taking the VIA character strength survey  will help you better understand yourself; which is key to honestly understanding your relationships with others.

A coach can help you apply your character strengths to your career, your relationships, and your personal growth. A skilled positive psychology coach using a strengths based approach will help you learn to spot character strengths in your spouse, your children, and even your employees, or even your boss. Learning to work within your strength zone of core character strengths empowers you and enlightens you. Becoming a Strengths Spotter is the best relationship builder I can think of today.

If you are interested in finding out your character strengths and how they play into every part of your life and your relationships contact me

Live Your Strengths,




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