Pray for Orlando 

When someone asks us to tell them about ourselves we don’t answer my telling our race, gender, or sexual preference. We are not a job title. We are truly and authentically what we give to others. We are a combination of character strengths that allow us to show up in the world showing love, spirituality, bravery, perspective, fairness, appreciation of beauty and excellence, creativity, humor, humility, Hope, gratitude, prudence,citizenship, leadership,self-regulation, forgiveness, kindness, social intelligence, persistence, integrity, zest, curiosity, love of learning, and open mindedness. We lost 50 people yesterday that daily displayed a unique to them group of these gifts. Family members, friends, co-workers today face a loss that they should not have to endure. Life’s greatest satisfaction comes in giving back, sharing a common bond, being a part of something bigger than yourself, for me this is my spirituality. Pray for Orlando, prayer for the injured victims, and pray for the family and friends of this senseless crime against our country and our people we are one nation/one people under God. May the lives lost forever live on in the strengths they daily lived. – Katrina


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