Writing: What Can You Gain From The Use of Written Emotional Expression?



I have always felt that I didn’t choose writing but rather writing choose me. From early on in my life writing was as natural as breathing. This was how a timid girl learned to express great pain and loss in a way that released it as effectively as exhaling. This came in the form of poems, simple songs, and papers written in hopes of acheiving that all important grade.
What was gained through all that loss? Ironically, more than words can express. Insight into my why’s such as why do I feel the way I feel about certain situations. Are my feelings real and rational? Are they based from other life experiences? Finally, what could I do to change future outcomes?
These questions as you can see are full of introspection. Answers concerning my emotions are not found in the actions or reactions of others. I alone hold the key to my emotions. Time and words spent questioning the actions and motivations of others are as useless as oxygen to someone who is hyperventilating.
I wholehearted, endorse the use of writing as a means to awareness and release of unwanted emotions. – Katrina 


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