Conflict: Is it What Ails You Or Heals You? 

Conflict is inevitable how we handle it is what makes the difference. Are you using conflict an a means to strengthen your relationship or will you allow it to be the festering infection destroys it? Conflict isn’t a bad thing. Conflict can bring empathy, awareness, and even deepened connectivity. Conflict is a form of intimacy in which you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to share your thoughts and the reasons behind those thoughts. 

Think about the last conflict you at with your children, your spouse, at work. How comfortable are you with your reaction to that conflict? Did your respond in a way that Strengthened your relationship/S or did your reactions create division? 

If you are unhappy with your action I have great news for you. Resilience is a mindset and a skillset that can be taught and developed. In resilience training you will learn these skillset that are essential for handling conflict and so much more. Message me for details about Resilience Training coming soon to Springfield and Beyond. – Katrina


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