My Key to Success




key to successWe all want success. Some dream of it, some wish to find it, as if it is lost in some dark forgotten place, and others wouldn’t know it if it landed in their lap. Today, I feel closer to this topic than ever as I close one chapter of my life and walk boldly into the next. Success comes in many forms and shows up in various ways to each of us at different times in our life. I challenge you to dig deep into your heart, mind, and your strengths to find the answers to what it looks like, where it is, and how to recognize it when it happens.

What role does dreaming of success have in actually achieving success? Dreaming is the birthplace to success. Some of us dream with great detail, imagining the view from the top, the color of our office, the wedding of our dreams, that house full of children, or even the size of the bank account. Dreams give us vision and can be used to fuel the determination of our actions. The problem with dreams is when we fail to wake up and take the necessary steps to propel that dream from imagination to reality.

I have great news for you, success is not lost! You have not misplaced it, it is not playing hide and seek. You have to work for it! There are steps that must be taken to move from where you are now to get to where you want to be. That is one of the things a coach helps you to do but the trip is yours to make. The route is up to you and you can go quickly and arrive in record time or you can go slowly through lack of commitment and direction. The choice is honestly up to you. but I again I stress that success is not lost, it is waiting for you to find your way to it. Coaches help you plan that route and hold you accountable for your action toward your success.

Now it is time to get really honest. Looking back on your past have there been times when you had success? Times that it was right in front of your face and you did not even recognize that it was there for you? Success comes in many forms, in relationships, in careers, in financial decisions, in organizations, volunteering your time. Success in one area is not intended to rob you of success in another area, yet often this inadvertently takes place. What does success look like to you and what is the road to get there? Whether it is that relationship of your dreams, that perfect job, or a big bank account you hold the key to your success in each area. If you are feeling stuck a coach can to help you find direction. What are you waiting for? ~Katrina, PS3 Coaching, LLC


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