Balancing Life with Breath

inhale the future

Which is more important inhalation or exhalation? Some may say inhalation but exhalation is equally important. Just as our bodies were created with this basic need that is anything but basic; the same holds true for our mental and emotional health.

To live in the past leaves you gasping for air. Getting stuck in memories whether good or bad deprives you of this moment and the fresh memories that are waiting to be created. To inhale the future one must breathe in the present and and exhale the past. To create energy take in shorter quicker breaths. Memories can bring life to a grieving family member. Memories are like breaths, meant to hold but for a time; knowing they will be there to visit when we choose. If you try to live inside a memory you rob yourself and those around you of the breath of this moment filled with laughter, beauty, and human touch.

To live only in this moment can lead to hyperventilation. The rush of the contract, getting ahead of the Jones’s, or that financial goal that you set to prove yourself to others comes at a high price. The stress that we place on ourselves being pulled in all directions home, work, and bills make living the good life seem similar to the anxiety of that some people feel at the dental office. If this brings back memories of a dental visit you experienced, hopefully it included a calm and reassuring voice. A voice suggesting that you slow your breathing, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is not a technique useful only in a medical setting, anxiety arises when we feel we are not in control of a situation. Calm the rush of thoughts with longer, slower breaths. This world rushes by too quickly as it is. Live fully in this moment. Look for the beauty that is all around you. The mountains majestically placed among the rippling rivers and dancing sunshine. The night sky inviting you to dream of far off places and unknown destinations. Put work aside and play on the floor with your kids, date your spouse, and dream “together dreams”.

To live is to find a balance between inhaling the future and exhaling the past. Holding on to the past keeps you from living in the moment. Living only in this moment robs you of the memories and lessons of the past. Learn how to adapting the physical aspect of breathing is essential to your emotional and mental health. Inhale what brings life and exhale what has lost it’s usefulness. In other words, keep what you need and let go of the rest. ~Katrina -PS3 Coaching LLC


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