Wellbeing Hack for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is only days away. I bet you are already imagining the smells of your favorite foods, feeling the joy of seeing the faces of friends and family, maybe even envisioning the table set with mom’s China and best silverware. We can actually increase our ability to appreciate our holiday by anticipating Thanksgiving. This is a type of savoring called anticipatory savoring.

Another way to really get the most out of our Holiday is something that is more than likely something you do at each family holiday gathering, reminiscing. Telling stories of Thanksgivings past, and sharing experiences we remember with old and new family members is another type of savoring.

As much as we enjoy eating all our favorite foods we enjoy the time together more. Give yourself a break this season. Try savoring more than the food but the memories you are making and the ones you are recalling from the past. It isn’t the number of dishes on the table to choose from that makes the day special it is the time together that matters most.

Savor the thoughts of being together, the time you are together, and the memories from past Thanksgivings. ~ Katrina


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