The 5 Pillars of Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is growth that is experienced after a traumatic event/s. It can show up in several ways such as:

1.) A greater appreciation for life and family. (Gratitude)

2.) A shared or common bond or a new mission or cause.(Purpose)

3.) A greater sense of connection to those who experience the same thing you or someone you love or care about experienced. (Relationships)

4.) New opportunities that would not have been present before like educating, teaching, and inspiring others. (Meaning)

5.) An increased sense of strength, or stronger religious connection. (Self-efficacy)

There are some common themes or pillars that support post Traumatic Grow : Gratitude, Purpose, Relationships, Meaning, and Self-efficacy

Could it be the we can teach and develop these pillars to engineer post traumatic growth? See me to bring this program into veterans near you. ~ Katrina Goff


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