Growth Mindset: From Judgments to Curiosity -Session 1 in Bounce Back Better(R), a Flourishing Center Program.


 Join me May 2nd from 6-8 pm for  “Growth Mindset: From Judgments to Curiosity” a work shop that teaches mindset as a key to unlock success.
Challenge your fixed mindset beliefs. Identify your triggers and practice
redirecting from the judger path to the learner path. Cultivate your curiosity
Mindset impacts resilience; holding a growth mindset is a pre-requisite for bouncing back better. Beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies (SFP). Fixed mindset tendencies put you into a place of judgment and criticism while keeping a problems focus. Growth mindset tendencies put you into a place of learning and solutions focus.
Cultivating curiosity and a growth mindset will enable you to persevere in the
face of setbacks and obstacles, support you in valuing effort and personal
mastery, keep you open to feedback and learning from others, and many other
factors that lead to success.


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