What is a Positive Psychology Coach?

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A coach is a person who helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. As your coach I will use the (scientifically proven) concepts of positive psychology as a guide to our discussions and exercises to help you identify your “Ideal Life.”  Concepts such as resilience, savoring, gratitude, and positive communication styles, are some of the elements that may be discussed and used in our sessions.

Positive Psychology is a field of study based on what is right with you. Martin E.P. Seligman Ph.D. is credited as the father of positive psychology. There are five key elements of positive psychology that lead to “Flourishing.” according to Martin Seligman they are as follows:

  • P-positive emotion
  • E- engagement
  • R-relationship
  • M-meaning
  • A-achievement

Seligman has written books numerous books on the subject of positive psychology. Some interesting books that Seligman wrote that some people are not aware of are “The Optimistic Child” and “Child’s Play.”  He has a vested interest in positive parenting styles as the father of not only “Positive Psychology” but also his a father himself. He is on the board of directors for “Parents” magazine. We all face difficult life situations or sometimes find ourselves feeling “stuck” but it is important to remember as humans we are very resilient. As your positive psychology coach I will use the tools and exercises that are backed by scientific research to help you discover your next steps in becoming your “Ideal Self”.  Live your strengths. Contact me today.

I am here to Coach – You Up! – Katrina


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