Well-Being is the total package so to speak for those of us interested in and promoting positive psychology. According to the Father of Positive Psychology Martin E.P. Seligman in his book “Flourish”  shares five areas of focus in life to achieve well-being. He uses the acronym PERMA to help us discover and understand well-being. When I think of Well-Being I think of LIVING WELL.

An old school well isolated in the middle of a vast sandy desert
What does LIVING WELL look like to you?

P- Positive Emotion





Emiliya Zhivotovskaya and Louis Alloro in their (CAPP) Certification in Applied Positive Psychology added one more area to this list.


You will find my blogs and articles posted on my page touch on these key areas of life.  I am to positive psychology as a hopeless romantic is to fairy tales. The only difference is positive psychology is no fairy tale; it is backed by rigorous research and adds value to our lives and those we share it with. Welcome to Well-being 101.


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